Thursday, April 12, 2007

A good sign

This is a good sign: Protests at Brigham Young University over an upcoming appearance by Veep Dick Cheney. Too often those on the right give lip service to the values they claim to uphold while ignoring them when their public standard bearers blatantly violate them, like electing a drunk-driving, draft-dodging cokehead to "restore dignity to the Oval Office" and cheering while his flunkies eviscerate the reputation of an actual war hero. So protests at a Republican stronghold like BYU is a nice thing to see because it means that at least some Republicans actually believe in the values they profess to hold.
Tricia Campbell, 21, a senior from Orem who is a Republican, said Mr. Cheney’s behavior in office "just doesn't fit" with what she had learned from the university's mission of promoting of "integrity, character and moral development."

While this could merely be a matter of "man bites dog" and the newsmedia focusing on the few out of place Republican protesters, I doubt any movement at BYU could achieve critical mass without Republican involvement. Still, I won't hold my breath imagining that this is the vanguard of some sort of mass movement, but it's always nice to see sincerity and not hypocrisy.