Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I don't need your civil war

If you haven't been following the progress of this year's Marvel Comics crossover Civil War (and, really, why should you be?) then this hysterical parody of issue 5 might not make much sense, but read it anyway. I don't read this kind of stuff anymore, but I can't help following superhero news on Die IntërWeb with the same lurid fascination that some people have reading about serial killers or looking at autopsy photos. CW is a big crossover slugfest written by schlockmeister Mark Millar in which all the Marvel superheroes get together for the 139641234th time and settle their differences with fists. The catalyst this time is the Superhuman Registration Act, which requires those with superpowers to register their badassness with the government. The cape crowd divides into two camps: pro-reg led by Iron Man, and anti-reg, led by Captain America. Online complaints abound about Millar's ham-fisted characterization, shoehorning heroes into one camp or another not based upon established personalities but by whom he wants to see fight it out. The ad campaign uses the faux-bumper sticker slogans "I'm with Iron Man" and "I'm with Captain America", prompting a parody (which I wish I could find and post here) ad "I'm with Lincoln" which had me in stitches for days.

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