Monday, July 31, 2006

Courtney Love in Spin

* "As the pictures were being taken, I knew they were disgusting, but I thought, in 20 years this is going to be an iconoclastic hysterical moment in rock. I get taken off to Bellevue on a gurney? Come on, Lydia Lunch didn't even get that."

* "Crack! I quit that, it was a bad phase. My problem was, you think they're talking about you on TV? Well, they were talking about me on TV. You think you're being followed? I was being followed? You think your phone's being tapped? My phone was being tapped. It was like crack-plus."

* On Frances Bean: "She's fucking normal. She was preverbal when her dad died. You know, I believe in my heart of hearts if Kurt had stuck around six more months, the shit would have faded, and she would've been verbal. And you just can't off yourself when your kid talks."

* I'm a bigger badass than 50 Cent - and the only gun I've ever held in my hand was the one my husband shot himself with."

* "I think I would've been happier if I'd married Edward [Norton]. I'll regret that to my dying day."

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